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Jabadao Training

Physical Development and Wellbeing

Jabadao training looks in detail at both the sensory and motor aspects of physical development and how we can create learning environments that support children to develop well.

All our courses are designed for practitioners working in the Early Years sector - nursery, playgroup and preschool teams; baby room teams; childminders; teachers and support staff; family workers and additional needs support staff. 

You can join an online course now if you're training individually or speak to us to discuss a group booking and any other training projects you're thinking about. 

Live Webinars 

If you are booking for a group or team, Developmental Movement Play training can be delivered in live webinars if that suits your learners better. Sessions last two hours, can be run in the daytime or evenings, and can be tailored to cover the topics you want to focus on.

Live Session


Online Course

The Feeling of Me

Live Session

Check in

Online Course

Floor Play Foundations

Live Session

Check in

Online Course

Halfway & Upright Play

Live Session

Check in

Online Course

Movement Play Areas

Live Session

Check in

Blended learning packages

Maximise learning by combining online courses with live webinars.


Online courses allow you to learn at your own pace, in your own way. Add live webinars into the mix for an opportunity to talk with specialist tutors, ask questions and hear from other early years practitioners developing new practice.


Many of our partners choose the full DMP blended learning package - 4 online courses and 5 live webinars. 

Face to Face Training

Book a day, or more, to explore your chosen aspect of physical development.

  • Child Development knowledge - understanding physical development

  • Introduction to a Developmental Movement Play approach

  • Floor Play Foundations

  • Halfway and Upright Play

  • Setting Up an indoor Movement Play Area

  • Movement Play, reading and writing

  • Movement Play social and emotional learning

  • Supporting children with additional needs

  • Developmental movement in the Baby Room

Or talk to us about your training focus and we can create a

bespoke day.

Get in touch

To discuss any training projects you're planning

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