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Ribbon Sticks


Body Ball

From £28

Cotton Bean Bags

From £8

Floating Scarves

From £6

Cork Block

From £18

Ribbon Wavers

From £8

Cork Brick 


Liquid Silver Play Fabric


Soft Play Fabrics

From £14

Full Movement Play kit


This is our best selling kit. 14 different resources, 26 items, to support children’s abiding interest in movement play - indoors.

They are all open-ended resources designed to create opportunities for many different kinds of movement, so children can create just what their body needs for their own unique developmental journey.


Choose a cool or vibrant colour selection.

Floor Mats

From £6.20

Body friendly floor mats to lay the foundations for  beautiful body spaces

Duck Egg,  Forest Green, and Black 

Rocker, Tunnel Den


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