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"Delivery was super speedy - already arrived and all items are as ordered. The children (and staff) were so excited to see more "Jabba-dad-doo" things!".


"We've looked at other catalogues and we can't find anything as good as JABADAO resources"

Really useful stuff for movement play

Playful, joyous physical activity gives us energy. Playing together feeds our pleasure in, and understanding of, ourselves and each other. We need more of it in our lives.

The JABADAO online shop offers lots of really useful stuff to support life-enhancing movement play, for people of all ages and energies.

We use all these things ourselves - that's how we know they are really useful. Mostly we avoid telling people what to do with them (although we know organised games can be a good way to get started). The whole point is that we let people find out what they want to do. Each item has many uses and people (old and young) keep finding new ones.

We have three principles that we apply to all our stuff:

  1. It must be able to inch us closer to 'the feeling of life itself'
  2. It must be good-looking
  3. It must be as practical as possible - easy washing and maintenance


Helpful Adults

In JABADAO's approach helpful adults make sure children have lots of access to spontaneous movement play, they help children to achieve more of the physical experiences they are seeking - and above all they make sure that all play is safe. Children find lots of ways of using these resources -  make sure you know what they are doing and help them to use them safely.


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