exuberant movement play - whatever age, whatever energy



JABADAO was established in 1985 to create opportunities for people of all ages and energies to be exuberantly, and physically, playful. 

The JABADAO team are players and dancers. We offer full-bodied, whole-hearted play, wreathed in smiles and ringing with laughter.

We are also developmental movement specialists. In the background, and never compromising the spontaneity or the play, everything we do is underpinned with detailed theory, research and reflective practice.  


The Tig

early years and families 

We are on tour with our stunning outdoor movement play space for children 0-6 and their families. We come to your Children's Centre, put it up outside, and play, play, play. More





frail older people 


The SPAGOG League (Seriously Playful Armchair Games for the Old and Gorgeous) is a series of six laugh-out-loud, full-of-life physical games played across a network of day centres or care homes. Play the games, return your scores, follow your progress with family and friends on-line. More




movement play shop 

elastics, lycras, spinners, ribbon sticks, beanbags, stunning balloons, body rolls, the best body balls, movement play mats, silky parachutes and kits to get you started


When people said they didn't know what to give their friends and relatives with dementia, we created this shop. (There are lots of things you might like too.) Buy gifts and treats here and help to support new projects in care settings.





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