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Medium Movement Play Area Kit




Everything you need to create a 2 x 2m indoor Movement Play Area that children will love.


A key part of the Jabadao approach and a staple for early years movement provision, a Movement Play Area adds a new dynamic, providing children with a space to explore spontaneous, free flow Movement Play.


The Area has interlocking Floor Mats and a selection of resources. (See below for specific colours.)


The quality of the mats we’ve chosen is central to the way we create Movement Play Areas - firm enough to support robust movement and soft enough to support bodies safely.


Included in the kit:

  • Floor Mats, creating a 2m square space
  • Body Roll
  • Soft Play Curve
  • 2 Soft Play Circles
  • Lycra Tunnel
  • 3m Play Elastic
  • 2 Play Fabrics

Choose mat colour

Choose resource colour


Colour choice


  • Navy 
  • Forest Green 
  • Black 





  • Body Roll - blue
  • Soft Play Curve - blue
  • Soft Play Circles - blue
  • Lycra Tunnel - blue
  • 3m Play Elastic - orange
  • 2 Play Fabrics - jade, white



  • Body Roll - orange
  • Soft Play Curve - orange
  • Soft Play Circles - orange
  • Lycra Tunnel - blue
  • 3m Play Elastic - orange
  • 2 Play Fabrics - orange, pink


  • 16 Floor Mats - interlocking mats, each 50 x 50cms, creating a 2m square space
  • Body Roll - 68 x 22cms
  • Soft Play Curve - 42 x 32cms
  • Soft Play Circles - 32 x 12cms
  • Lycra Tunnel - 2.5m
  • Play Elastic - 3m
  • Play Fabrics - 90 x 148cms


  • Floor Mats - made from closed-cell (non absorbing), medium density EVA foam, 100% non toxic, odourless and latex free
  • Body Roll, Soft Play Curve and Soft Play Circles - foam bolster. Outer cover - cotton drill and velcro. Inner cover - water resistant Polyurethane (PU) coated polyester and concealed zip
  • Lycra Tunnel - four-way stretch lycra
  • Play Elastic - cotton cover and cord elastic inner
  • Play Fabrics - polyester chiffon


Please oversee the Movement Play Area at all times and make sure that everyone using it is safe. Different people will use the area and resources in different ways. Provide extra support for those who need it.

Product care

  • Wipe clean Floor Mats using mild detergent
  • Wash covers at 40º. Wash strong colours separately
  • Wipe clean inner cover
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