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Developmental Movement Play 

a fresh take on physical development in early childhood 

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Early Years Practitioners who want to extend their knowledge of physical development. 


Early Years teams looking to create change across a whole setting - starting with team training. 


Early Years settings across a whole area or region - building shared understanding and practice.


Parents, grandparents … everyone interested in how children develop skilled and happy bodies.

Who is JABADAO training for?


Choose a single course or grow your knowledge of the full Developmental Movement Play approach with a bundle. Sensory development course available now - others from September 2021.

Live Webinar

Tailor-made Zoom Sessions with a JABADAO Tutor. We share what we know about physical development and work with you to apply this to your children, your settings. 

Blended Packages

A mixture of Zoom Sessions and on-line courses designed to take all the advantages of on-line learning (any time anywhere) and still have really personal dialogue with a tutor.

Three ways to train with us...

Developmental Movement Play Courses 

Learn more about sensory and motor development. Click to learn more about each course. 

Sensory Development 


Motor Development 


Motor Development




"The training opens everybody’s eyes - it certainly inspired practitioners to see things differently, and to see children’s learning and behaviour differently. We’re able to look at what they’re doing and interpret it in different ways now … and that leads into supporting children in all areas of their development and the Early Years Foundation Stage."

Liz Nunn - Manger of Dizzy's Day Nursery

Speak to a member of the team to discuss training options....

Online course 

The Feeling of Me 

The Feeling of Me unpacks the sensory side of physical development. The course examines the four core body senses that build body awareness. We look at how each sense works, what they support and what kind of movement play builds them. 25 videos, 13 audio stories plus materials to support observations.