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Big Play Elastic




Available in 7 and 10m

Play Elastics are like a giant scrunchy, ruffled fabric cover around a stretchy inner. It’s hard not to move when you have one in your hands. Excellent for Circle Times in early years or primary settings, creating a focus whilst at the same time supporting those who want, or need, to move a little to stay on track.


Choose colour selection


Colour choice

  • Aqua
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink


  • 7m
  • 10m


Cotton cover and cord elastic inner


Please assure yourself your children are safe as they play. Different children will use the Play Elastics in different ways. Some may need extra support.

Product care

Machine wash at 40º or less. Check regularly to ensure your elastic is in good condition and the cover is evenly distributed.

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