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Balance and Core Strength Pack




This kit invites and supports robust whole-body play. Also builds the vestibular sense (the one that supports balance and sense of movement) through lots of tipping, tilting and rolling.


Included in kit:

  • Body Ball 
  • Body Roll 
  • 2 Soft Play Curves

Choose colour selection


Colour choice


  • Body Ball - yellow
  • Body Roll - blue
  • Soft Play Curves - 1 blue, 1 orange 



  • Body Ball - yellow
  • Body Roll - orange
  • Soft Play Curves - 1 orange, 1 blue


  • Body Ball - 75cms
  • Body Roll - 68 x 22cms
  • Soft Play Curves - 42 x 32cms


  • Body Ball - high quality PVC (Vinyl)
  • Body Roll and Soft Play Curves - outer cover cotton drill and velcro. Inner cover water resistant Polyurethane (PU) coated polyester and concealed zip


Please oversee use at all times and make sure that everyone using the resources is safe. Different people will use the resources in different ways. Provide extra support for those who need it.

Product care

  • Body Ball - wipe clean
  • Body Roll and Soft Play Curves - wash outer covers at 40º. Wash strong colours separately. Inner covers - wipe clean
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