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Working with parents to see how amazing babies & children are at organising their own physical development as they play


Early Years

Supporting early years professionals to develop the physical development curriculum


Always child-led & play based

Contemporary theoretical framework


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Special Ed

Explore ways to work with movement in depth - both as a shared language and a powerful vehicle for creative expression.

Especially with your most challenged 



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Dementia Care

Take part in the SPAGOG League (Seriously Playful 

Armchair Games for the Old and Gorgeous). `And other celebratory events and training for Carers and Activity Organisers


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JABADAO is a charity - a team of movers and shakers who start with the body.
We are developmental movement  specialists, dancers, acrobats, body workers, physical theatre performers, movement players - and we want to make more room for the body in the way we all live our lives. We think this takes a real change in thinking - organising - not just old theory, or good ideas for exercise.
So that's what we create. Projects that rethink old habits.  That create simple, everyday ways of doing things differently. And always - we play. Because it's a really effective way of creating change.



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JABADAO, 10 Court Farm, Stutton Rd, Brantham, Manningtree CO11 1PW

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