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Welcome to JABADAO

National Centre for Movement Play 

Extend practice 

Deepen your understanding of the building blocks of physical development.

Wellbeing first 

Learn how sensory processing and motor development combine to support wellbeing, learning and health.

Join a growing community 

Join thousands of early practitioners who have trained with us and changed how they see children’s movement.

Developmental approach  

Build teams of early years practitioners who understand barriers to physical development and how to overcome them.

Our physical development affects the way we move, how we think, how we feel, our health and our wellbeing. Movement Play builds great foundations.

Research & Inspiration Hub 

Observations, action research projects and case studies about physical development.

Articles, podcasts and videos exploring contemporary ideas about physical development.

Lots of starting points for supporting child-led movement play with babies & young children.

Developmental Movement Play

Developmental Movement Play is the framework that takes the research and debate and turns it into an everyday practical way of supporting children's physical development.

What do babies and children need to develop well...?

The Feeling of Me unpacks the sensory side of physical development. Explore the 4 core body senses, the underpinning for developing body awareness. 25 short films 3 - 6 mins each.

Courses introduce different aspects of JABADAO's Developmental Movement Play approach - perfect to underpin curriculum development, or to understand more about why children move as they do, especially the children you worry about most.

To book a course or put together a bespoke package get in touch with one of the team. 

Online Training 

Physical development in early childhood

Movement Play Shop 

We've put together a selection of resources to help you support your children's huge delight in movement play.

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