body - our first home, movement - our first language 

Human beings thrive when we can live as fully in our bodies as we do in our heads. All ages, all energies. Get involved in research, development, training and arts projects to make this more of an ordinary, everyday reality. 
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The Feeling of Me 

4 core body senses - Touch, Proprioception, Vestibular & Interoception. 

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Episode #1 Equipping bodies for the world they will live in
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JABADAO is a charity - a team of movers and shakers who start with the body.
We are developmental movement  specialists, dancers, acrobats, body workers, physical theatre performers, movement players - and we want to make more room for the body in the way we all live our lives. We think this takes a real change in thinking - organising - not just old theory, or good ideas for exercise.
So that's what we create. Projects that rethink old habits.  That create simple, everyday ways of doing things differently. And always - we play. Because it's a really effective way of creating change.