What do we lose if we sideline our whole-hearted physical nature?

the body - where we experience the feeling of life itself

The human animal loves to move - on its own and with others. Exuberant, expressive, full-on.

We are built to embody our lives.

We move to acquire and maintain strength, skill and agility.

We move to tell others who we are.

We move to find out more about our world.

We long to be a body - not just have one to take us from place to place.

But there is a lot in our way.

  • We live in a body designed for survival in the natural world (running, climbing, lifting, out-manouvering).

  • We live in a culture that asks us to stop moving in favour of a new set of survival techniques (reading, writing, manipulating technology, out-thinking.)

These two realities are diverging fast.

Put starkly, our physicality is becoming less significant as our intellects and technologies become more dominant.

We move less, and science - in the shape of human enhancement and biotechnologies - will change our relationship to our bodies dramatically in the coming decades.


There are active choices to make. Now.

Are we going to let the drift happen, tinkering at the edges in the hope of addressing loss of health and wellbeing? (Activity targets knitted into a sedentary culture.)  Or are we going to wise-up to where we are and make the changes necessary to develop our physicality with as much attention as we give to our intellects.