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May 13, 2019



Developmental Movement Play (DMP)

Re-thinking the physical development curriculum



The body is our first home and movement is our first language”. Penny Greenland MBE  Programme Director


Early movement underpins all development and learning. This is becoming ever clearer as neuroscience meets education. Put simply, movement supports the development of the brain as well as the body and we need to give young children lots of opportunities to be very physical.


There are lots of books and programmes out there, focusing on ways to use this knowledge in education settings.


Back in 1998, in partnership with 27 early years settings, JABADAO began it's own research and development project into 'What Children's Bodies Need' and how adults support children's physicality. We observed lots and lots of children's movement, researched the theory, brought the two together - and created DMP.


DMP is utterly focused on child-led movement play, because  babies and children are hardwired to seek the movement play opportunities they need for their development - and they usually create more full-on, imaginative and relevant experiences that we adults come up with! 


Early Years practitioners create environments in which children can value the full-bodied, wholehearted, spontaneous movement play they love, and make an embodied response to their learning. They support experiences which enable babies and young children not only to move with a focus on the strength, skill and health of the body, (and on the development of physical skill), but also on the ways in which movement assists the development of the brain and nervous system.  


In short,  DMP is wholly focused on children’s full-bodied, wholehearted physical responses to the whole of their everyday lives - with embodied living. 


Changing times

We used to teach packed DMP courses across the country. Remember when there was money?! Now, we know that it is really hard for settings to find the funding for training, and harder still to release people to go on courses.


But we know people still want to learn.


So we are creating DMP on-line so that you can dive into this programme with your whole team (rather than someone coming on a course and trying to tell everyone about it when they get back.)



The DMP on-line programme


DMP-online is delivered through lots of short films featuring both JABADAO tutors and babies and children engaged in movement play. Filmed with our treasured partner nurseries, it shows DMP working in everyday settings.


The full programme is designed for your whole team. We reckon it will take about a year to work through, alongside everything else you have to do. By the end, you and your team will see children’s movement through new eyes and have new strategies to support all children, but especially those with learning challenges or who find it difficult to manage the busy day.


The full Programm has 8 courses:


Course 1: Six kinds of Movement Play that are really important


Course 2:  Developmental Movement Theory: why this movement play is important


Course 3: How to be a Helpful Adult


Course 4: Setting Up a Movement Play Area


Course 5: Working with the Six-Part Framework


Course 6: Wellbeing and Movement Play: underpinning mental health and self-regulation


Course 7: Health, Vitality and the Feeling of Life Itself


Course 8: Embodying our lives: body intelligence as well as cognitive intelligence



It will be available in 2020.  We'll let you know more as the details become available.





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