The Feeling of Me Research Project 


We're delighted that seven early years settings, from across England, are joining us to explore the sensory side of physical development. 


Over 70 practitioners are taking the new Feeling of Me course. Each week, representatives from the settings drop into a Zoom Lounge (hosted by JABADAO) to talk about how they are using their new learning and what impact it is having for their children.

You can follow their thoughts and ideas throughout on the JABADAO website. In the Spring of 2021 we'll publish our findings.


Joining us


Dizzy's Day Nusery 


Grace Owen Nursery School


Goosehill Early Excellence Nurseries 


Be Bright Projects


Heathlands Community Pre School

Why do we want to explore the sensory side of physical development?

We think that sensory development has a more important role than it is currently addressed in the early years physical development curriculum. We want to know what the benefits might be if we give it more attention.


Our research question: is children’s learning and wellbeing positively impacted if early years practitioners understand more about the sensory side of physical development?

What is the link between movement and sensory development?

Sensory development is about getting good at processing sensory information - and it takes lots of practice. Just as our eyes need lots of visual information and our ears lots of sound information, our bodies need lots of different movement information to build both the physical feeling of our body and to get to know the feeling of our emotions. The more we work with this throughout our lives - and especially in the early years -  the more chance we give ourselves to build and maintain high levels of physical and emotional wellbeing.


Join the Development Movement Play community - engage with others, share practice and ask questions to the JABADAO team.

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Futures projects 

We're currently running all projects online. If you have an idea for future collaboration, please get in touch. Open invitation to anybody working across the early years.

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4 core body senses

The Feeling of Me