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This is a growing library of resources designed to deepen and expand thinking about how physical development happens - and how we can support our youngest children to become more confident, skilled and happy bodies.

JABADAO library: here you’ll find articles about many aspects of movement, physical development and child led learning from the JABADAO Team.

Practitioner Research: early years practitioners using the Developmental Movement Play approach share their experience of introducing new practice - and the impact for children and families.

Play Ideas: people always ask us for games and play ideas and we always say, ‘We don’t have many, but your babies and children have loads’. True. But here we share what we have learnt from children and practitioners over the years.

A space for collaboration 

We'd love you to share your thoughts and observations of children's movement play here on the hub. Get involved by dropping us an email or coming to DMP zoom event. 

Research & Inspiration Hub 

Physical Development in early childhood 


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