This Bright on Black Movement Play Area Kit includes:


  • 9 half-metre Black jigsaw mats - a 1.5m square - or set up in a different shape to fit the space you have available
  • 1 Little Lycra in red - one meter square - for pulling, stretching, wrapping, rolling play
  • 1 Body Ball for rolling on and over, lying on, gentle swaying, bouncing and tipping (with support). And core work for adults as well
  • 1 Family Elastic - 3m ring in Red Spotty - for family games. Or two children pulling and stretching, follow-my-leader, joined up dancing … your kids will show the way
  • 1m Little Elastic in Blue for solo play
  • 2 Cork Blocks - for jumping, stepping on & over, balancing, lying and sitting …And adults can use them to support exercise and relaxation practices as well
  • 2 Glittering Scarves in toning colours - for wrapping, draping, pulling, wafting, waving, lying on, covering … so many possibilities
  • comes in a big JABADAO Indoor Playgrounds drawstring bag 


Bright on Black

    • JIGSAW MATS: Size: 500x500 x 14mm. Made from closed-cell (non absorbing), medium density EVA foam, 100% non toxic, odourless and latex free. Easily washable. 
    • LYCRA: 1 x 1m stretchy play fabric. Washable at up to 90º
    • BODY BALL: non-slip material with a dual-textured surface. 75 cm diameter. Anti-burst technology. Pump included. Wash with soap and water. Or spray with antibac.
    • FAMILY ELASTIC: 3m cord elastic ring covered with cotton fabric. Washable at up to 90º
    • CORK BRICK: 100% cork. Size: 23cm x 12cm x 7.5cm. Washable with soap and water. 
    • CORK BLOCK: 100% Natural Cork. Size: 30.5cm x 20.5cm x 5cm.
    • GLITTERING SCARVES:  Size: 190 x 80mm. Organza type fabric. Washable at up to 90º
  • Body Balls: When we use these Body Balls for movement play with children we never blow them up fully. If they are softer they are less likely to tip the child off suddenly. And they invite a wider range of play.

Small Green Bag

Small Green Bag

Large Yellow Bag

Large Yellow Bag




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