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We've put together some bundles of these really body-friendly mats, to help you create the space you want:

  • these are all packs for square spaces
  • but of course, since they are jigsaw mats you can fit them together in lots of different ways
  • packs go from tiny spaces to small rooms
  • choose from three colours

Floor Mat Bundles - for square spaces


    • 4 mats (1x1m) -  if you only have a tiny space, for one child to play
    • 9 mats (1.5x1.5m)  - makes a great home area, or tucked into a ChildMinders or Nursery. Gives you enough mats to change up to make different spaces
    • 16 mats (2x2m) -the ideal number to create a great space in a nursery or playgroup. For one, two or three children and an adult)
    • 25 mats (2.5x2.5m) - gives space for more children at once, with an adult. Makes movement play a really core part of your provision
    • 36 mats (3x3) - if you are creating a movement play room perhaps, or a big outdoor movement play space
Small Green Bag

Small Green Bag

Large Yellow Bag

Large Yellow Bag




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