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Complete Den Kit


This Big Den Kit includes:

  • a huge and beautiful canopy (choose from three designs: Seaside Blue, Ivory, or Summer Meadow)
  • six wooden clips
  • four soft, cotton 'magicians rope' ties. NB: Children must be supervised using these ropes as they could create a stragulation risk

It can be used in many ways:

  • simply draping the canopy over furniture in the house or in the garden
  • using the clips -  to fix the canopy in place
  • using cushions in the pockets to 'weight' down the 'walls'
  • or taking toys into the den and popping them in the pockets
  • using the soft cotton ropes to fly out the canopy into different shapes (adult supervision required)
  • adding scarves and fabrics to decorate the den


  • Safety Information

    The Den can be used without the soft cotton ties.

    However - Warning!   -  if/when you use the ropes  to create more Den shapes and designs adult supervision is necessary as long cords are strangulation hazards


    Canopy - 4.5m long.  1.15m wide 


    Magicians rope Ties: Soft Luxury Cotton Braided Rope, 9mm Hollow. Commonly know as Magicians Rope because it is popular amongst magician's needing something very soft and flexible.