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Body Balls

PriceFrom £25.00

Available in two sizes: 55cms (pink) , 75cms (yellow)

These are no ordinary Body Balls. We choose them because they are the best we can find:

  • much softer and warmer than the usual ball
  • they mould to the body in a comforting way
  • support Back and Tummy Play brilliantly 
  • they are widely used in body work as well as for play 


Perhaps most important of all they enable you to work with them when they are not fully blown up: 

  • much safer for children.
  • we recommend always leaving them under-inflated so they cradle the body and are less likely to tip the participant off at speed
  • not safe for under threes on their own
  • burst Resistant - if the ball punctures it deflates slowly 
  • Medium - 55cms / Pink 

    Large - 75cms / Yellow