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Blue Elastic

PriceFrom £14.00

Available in 4 sizes: 2m, 3m, 7m and 10m


  • Play Elastics are like a giant scrunchy, ruffled fabric cover around a stretchy inner. It’s hard not to move when you have one in your hands
  • They support strengthening, body awareness and developmental movement play; and co-operative partner work
  • 2m and 3m Elastics invite partner and small group play, relationship building, social/communication development - and sensory (proprioceptive) development
  • Bigger Play Elastics support big group play - excellent for circle time in early years or primary settings, creating a focus whilst at the same time supporting those who want, or need, to move a little to stay on track
  • Use as part of a Loose Parts approach (materials that can be moved all around an early years setting and used in many different ways)
    • 2, 3, 7, 10m
    • Cotton cover and cord elastic inner
    • 2m for solo and partner work
    • 3m: For families and small groups
    • 7m: For 15 - 25 young children or 10-20 adults
    • 10m: For 25-35 young children or 20+ adults
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