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Working from home ...

Penny Greenland

We’ve been quiet for a long time, but it’s been a full-on, crazy busy 12 weeks of lockdown at JABADAO - just like for so many of you. No danger of boredom setting in. (And sadly, no time for lockdown clear outs either.)

So what have we been doing?

Well, first things first.

What’s changed?

  • we haven’t been able to visit nurseries, special schools or care homes - in our usual on-going observation & research work. Gutted.

  • or meet up as a team for movement play research sessions - when we ask ourselves questions about some aspect of movement and seek answers from our moving bodies (cognitive intelligence taking a back seat to begin with, as body intelligence usually has to in learning/research situations)

So what have we been doing?

Covid-19 v Body-20

We’re a team focused on the value of lots of things that are off-limits at the moment - like the importance of close physical contact for human wellbeing and shared free flow movement play to build and maintain our bodies and boost development and wellbeing. Lifelong development and wellbeing.

Bodies haven’t stopped needing these things just because of Covid-19. Body-20 still needs them. Perhaps even more so …

So in these strange times the JABADAO team has had a lot of rethinking and rebuilding to do. And over the coming weeks and months we will be focused on how to support bodies to get what they need.

Here’s the new stuff to date. It’s just beginning …

New films for parents

We’ve worked for decades in the early years sector, but never directly with parents. That’s changing.

We’ve taken the principles of our Developmental Movement Play (DMP) approach and made 7 short films for parents. (And they may be interesting to practitioners as well … as a sort of introduction or quick refresher).

They are about babies and children’s capacity to organise their own physical development and wellbeing curriculum - in the front room, under the kitchen table, upside down on the sofa. And about how we adults can best support them…

Most of all they are about five kinds of movement play that babies and children’s bodies need, and a little about why.

Find them on our website here:

Or on our You Tube channel here:

New resources

Since 1995 we have made, sourced and sold resources for movement play.

Over the lockdown weeks we have completely updated the resources we offer - there are some new designs of old favourites, and new things as well.

We’ll tell you more about these soon.

Amazon and Etsy

The JABADAO shop is on Etsy now - and about to be on Amazon as well. We want to make it easier for people to find our stuff …

New website

Meanwhile, we’ve also made a new JABADAO website and on-line shop. You’ll find it here:

Above all we want to be useful.

If there is a resource you wish you had to support free flow movement play, and you can’t find it anywhere - get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.