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She follows her body

It’s lockdown and the kids are at home. All day, everyday.

A parcel arrives. It is the new rug for the sitting room.

In the evening, the family clear the furniture out of the way, lay the new rug in the position and stand back to admire it. Does it look good in the room? Yes! They are well pleased.

Daughter, 7 also welcomes the new rug with delight, but instead of looking at it she throws herself down and rolls.

(At this point I should say that Mum, is currently doing the Developmental Movement Play training so she is seeing things a bit differently from usual. Normally, she says, at this point she would have said some version of: ‘Get up! / Stop being silly! / You’ll ruin your clothes. / What are you doing?! Get out of the way, we need to put the furniture back! etc But instead, she sits back and watches.)