Staff Teams 

The value of this training is always greatest when whole staff teams train together, building shared understanding to use across your setting.

Groups and Networks

We often work with advisors to offer training across a whole area, including special needs support,  family workers, advisors, health, sport and fitness workers.


Extend your knowledge of how physical development works; and build movement observation skills alongside.

Developmental Movement Play Courses 

Physical development in early childhood 

2. Press play 

Dive into a world of new knowledge about how physical development works.

3. Embed new practice 

Take the approach back into your setting and implement immediately.

1. Choose a course 

Choose a single course or grow your understanding of the full approach. 

Join thousands using Developmental Movement Play 

Body awareness and sensory processing

The Feeling of Me

The building blocks of physical development

Floor Play Foundations

Buidling confident bodies

Halfway and Upright Play

Valuing children's movement play afresh

Setting up an Indoor Movement Play Area

Hear from people who have taken the courses


Completely changed the way that I look at the children in my classroom. Understanding why they move and play in the way they do as child experts just makes so much sense now.

Roz Hughes - Practitioner 

The addition of the movement area into our provision has had a huge impact upon the children. It is the most regularly accessed area and is used by the children in a range of different ways depending upon their own needs and desires.

Sadia Akhtar - Class Teacher

I love how this course has opened my eyes to a different way of thinking. It's made me aware of my reactions to how children play and move around the setting. I'm always asking myself why? and how can I aid them? Or just observe, observe.

Karen Carter - Nursery Practitioner 

Another fantastic informative course. With my eldest being 16 and youngest just 4 it is really interesting to have this knowledge now and think back about all three of my own children’s development. For my own setting it has really made me think about connections between floor play, emotions and confidence with all tasks not just fine and gross movement based tasks.

Kathryn Bah - Nursery Practitioner