JABADAO Touring Events

JABADAO takes inspiring arts events to people for whom there are many barriers to involvement. We work with partners who know these people well to ensure our work is relevant and genuinely accessible.

The Tig

The Tig is a stunning walk-in sculpture filled with colour and light. Inside are six dancers and acrobats...


There are no words. There is a rich sound score. What happens inside is led by the children...


Join us.

Feel life in every limb ...


Who is The Tig for?

The Tig is for babies and children (0-5) and their families, friends and carers. We especially welcome children and young people with complex learning and health needs.


We work with small groups to make sure that everyone has the space and freedom to make the most of this intense physical experience.


All the dance is child-led; the JABADAO dancers take their inspiration from the babies and children who arrive for each session. They also dance together - it's what they love to do.


Some adults join in; some watch with their mouths open in amazement. You choose.


Hosting The Tig 

We tour between late May and September, usually in five-day residencies.  The Tig is sited on a flat grassy space 20m x 25m. Groups visit for 40-minute sessions (the ideal length for this very physical event.) Each residency, we work with one main hosting partner - who may invite other local organisations to get involved as well.


We have toured The Tig to Children's Centres. schools, special schools and festivals.


email info@jabadao.org for further information

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Shake Your Tail Feather

Shake Your Tail Feather is a participatory dance event for care homes and day centres. Most (and sometimes all) of the dancing takes place in chairs. It is about engagement, being with, being together ...


We bring four dancers, lots of simple ideas to make dancing possible for everyone, great music and bags of energy.


Sometimes it's a riot, a party, a hootenany ...

Sometimes it is a quiet, very focused, one-to-one experience.


It is especially suitable for people living with middle and late stage dementia.


Booking Shake Your Tail Feather events

We tour during the winter. To keep the cost of travel down, we offer several events in one area over the period of a week. Usually, we book events with a central care home organisation - then visit several homes.  Or perhaps you can buddy up with other homes in your area.