Seriously Playful Armchair Games

for the Old and Gorgeous

The first SPAGOG League Games were held across the city of Leeds over the summer of 2012. On August 9th, amid Olympic fever, the Lord Mayor of Leeds presented the League Champions - Burley Willows Day Centre - with the cup.



The Centre painted their post box gold in celebration - along with other places in the UK where Olympic gold medalists lived.



The 2018 and 2019 SPAGOG Games are running in partnership with the Corn Exchange in Newbury - and their Ageing Creatively programme.

Ageing Creatively is an innovative creative programme for people aged 55 and over in West Berkshire. Now in its third year, it explores creative ways for members of the community to engage in the arts at the Learning Centre, community venues, and in care settings. The programme offers workshops, projects, and courses across art forms and includes singing, poetry, dance, and visual arts.



The Mayor or Newbury presents the 2018 SPAGOG winners with the cup

Read all about the 2019 season 

Winners of the 2019 SPAGOG Cup -

The Argyles!

Result of the Judges Inquiry:

The Argyles retain first place!

SPAGOG Newsletter 4 jpeg.jpg
1 SPAGOG NEWSLETTER 2019 - Issue 1.jpg
SPAGOG Newsletter 3 THIS SMALL.jpg
SPAGOG Newsletter 2  FINAL.jpg

"This week we kidnapped the Manager of another team - for a ransom of SPAGOG points! She was rescued after a surprise raid from her team armed with super soakers!"

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SPAGOG participant receives a Golden Mug award from the Mayor of Leeds for outstanding performance across a season 



A League event organised by JABADAO across several care homes or day centres over a five-week season.


We teach care workers six laugh-out-loud, joyous, full-of-life physical games, featuring exuberant musical accompaniment and an anything-goes ethos. Back at their settings they organise weekly involvement (anyway that fits their routines) and return their scores; and their nominated Player of the Week. Each Friday, the results are published in the SPAGOG News and  on the JABADAO website. Care homes see how they are doing, who is leading, what they have to do to win.  Family and friends can go on-line to see if Grandma is Player of the Week. Individuals with outstanding performance throughout receive Golden Mug awards.


It's a grand lark with much laughter and more movement play than you can imagine, until you've given it a go. 


We organise this for groups of care homes or day centres. Get in touch if you'd like to organise a League in your area.