Introducing JABADAO

Established in 1985 to create more opportunities for people of all ages and energies across the UK to be physically playful ... to dance our days.

We are a team of dancers, acrobats and developmental movement  specialists. We research the power of physical play to drive potential and wellbeing - and then we create ways to change things so there is more of it about. And life is better.

Currently we focus on work in the early years, special needs and dementia sectors.


Early Years training on-line

Between 1998 and 2009 we researched and created Developmental Movement Play (DMP), an approach putting  'movement play' on the map as a particular way of working with children 0-5.  This substantially influenced thinking about the importance of physical play in child development. We created a new practice - Movement Play - clearly defined and codified. DMP is now widely used across the UK.

Back in the days when there was real funding around for training we used to teach so many 5-day courses on developmental movement across the UK. We know that lots of settings and practitioners want this training now - but many pressures prevent them from getting involved.

So -  we are creating a new arm of the company - JABADAO Digital - dedicated to putting the DMP training on film, on-line, for nurseries, Children's Centres and Childminders. This will include a full programme, a range of targeted packages, plus micro courses.

This is designed as whole team training in nursery settings, with a parallel package for Childminders to suit their needs.

If you'd like to know more about this training as it unfolds, get in touch here.

In partnership with  the Corn Exchange's - Ageing Creatively programme

The 2019 SPAGOG League

Laugh-out-loud, gentle movement games for care homes and day centres - to lift spirits and enliven bodies.  

Ideas and support for activity organisers and carers.    .


Recent SPAGOG Leagues have taken place in care homes  -  in Essex, Suffolk, London and the West Midlands.            

Mayor of Newbury presents the 2018 cup

Catch all the action in the 2019 SPAGOG League in the weekly newsletters
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The Tig on tour 

JABADAO The Tig - child-led mvement play with babies, young children and families

The Tig

play as you've never played before


a stunning touring event, six dancers, a portal into a seriously playful, physical world.  The Tig tours to Children's Centres, Special Schools, community organisations and festivals. More about The Tig


Two-year olds engage in Developmental Movement Play -a new approach supporting physical development as a foundation for learning across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage

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We've slimmed down the contacts we keep  and the ways we communicate. We no longer have a separate newsletter (and have erased all contacts). We communicate through Twitter and Facebook. Our occasional Blog will always be advertised here as well. 

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