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The fundamentals of movement
Five types of movement play that babies and children are working on 

Key topics

What do children's bodies need to develop well? Introducing five kinds of movement play that create a balanced movement diet. 

Floor Play 

Key topics

Why is the floor an important place for physical development - what foundations do babies and children put in place as they lie and loll, wriggle and roll on the floor. 

Push Pull Play

Key topics

Push pull play can be a tricky one to support, can't it? Children often love it, but we adults worry that it will lead to trouble. So why might it be an important part of physical development and how can we make sure children get what they need - safely and with purpose. 

Spin Tip Play

Key topics

Stop spinning! You'll make yourself dizzy! Children do lots of tipping and tilting, spinning and going upside down, precisely in order to play their sense of movement into goos shape. Find out how this works and how to support them in their development work. 

Halfway Play

Key topics

Neither flat on the floor, nor up on two legs, halfway play is an important kind of movement play in its own right. Find out what bodies build here and why children may often return here even when they are skilled upright movers. 

Upright Play

Key topics

Why children love to tun, even when we say walk! Why climbing is so attractive to young children. And how movement play connects children to the feeling of life itself. 

Creating a Movement Play Area

Key topics

Creating body-friendly spaces where children can move in all the ways their bodies are telling them to move. And check out the adult role alongside the play - how do we help them to make the most of it. 

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