JABADAO Older people, dementia and carers

When energy goes absent without leave, and words confuse rather than illuminate,  we have simple ways to keep moving, keep playing, share good times - and make life better.

Shake Your Tail Feather

Engaging events for Care Homes & Day Centres


In these events for we aim for a riot of love and energy, finding and expressing the feelings that lie between us in pure celebration of each unique person in the room. This is an event for people who feel lively and those who are tucked in, seemingly moving very little. We look for the small dances as well as the more energetic ones. We specialise in creating events for people with late stage dementia.


Using a mixture of participation and performance, with a fullsome and stirring sound score, we draw on social dances (ballroom and ceilidh) and our own love of movement play to engage each person in their own way - to generate a feeling of shared life and energy.


SPAGOG participant receives a Golden Mug award from the Mayor of Leeds for outstanding performance across a season 


Seriously Playful Armchair Games for the Old and Gorgeous
2019 - in Newbury


A League event organised by JABADAO across several care homes or day centres over a five-week season.


Courses are designed to be run in partnership with local networks, community groups and care home organisations for staff from a number of settings - or one large setting. We are not currently offering public courses for individuals.

Ideas for activity organisers: simple, daily activities for groups of physically frail older people and one-to-one activities. More

For carers working with people living with middle and late stage dementia - to improve their non-verbal communicaton skills. More

Parson's Cross Dementia Group, Sheffield


Training for volunteers to run a support group 


Following local research, this community centre in Sheffield realised there was little support in their area for carers looking after family members at home. Having heard about a very successful JABADAO support group close by in Barnsley they visited, then got in touch with us.


They recruited a group of volunteers. We provided training. They took to it like ducks to water and started to run a weekly ' JABADAO group'. It was intended to give carers a break - but so far the carers like to come too.




Resources and music to support playful, easy-to-organise, physical activities suitable for frail older people and people with dementia. Coming soon - a slection of wipe-clean resources suitable for use in hospitals, or where infection control is of maximum importance.  More here

JABADAO Shop: feathers - fabulous resource for stimulating movement in early years, special needs settings and dementia care
JABADAO Scarves:  fabulous resource for physical development and movement play in early years, special needs settings and dementia care
JABADAO Shop: Koosh ball. Resources for supporting physical development and physica actvity in early years, special needs and dementia settings
JABADAO Shop: Spotty Elastic Ring.  Physical Deveopment actvties and Circle Time


three ways to support playful interaction and gentle exercise 

JABADAO Shop: beautiful big balloons perfect for movement play in dementia and care home settings

Giant balloons

Get yourself three 36" balloons. Use them in group play (how many times can you bat the balloon between you before it touches the floor? Add in balloons until you are managing all three). Or play one-to-one games. It's ludicrously enjoyable simply to  bat it back and forwards. Take it slowly and it will engage the most withdrawn person. Always let them lead and set the pace ...


Stupidly good fun and loads of exercise.

Ribbon Beanbags

Playing catch games can be hard for stiff fingers; and they need to be light so they don't hurt if they end up bumping someone. Use these ribbon beanbags to make everything easier. They're also much lovelier and great for fingers that like to fiddle.


Game: how quickly you can pass a beanbag round a circle of players and throw it into a bucket to finish. Much more fun with rousing music.


Touchable Bubbles

These bubbles are soooo much better than ordinary bubbles. Few people can resist reaching out to catch them - and these stay where they land. Hey presto - lot of movement and lots of nostalgic pleasure. Add music to make this a much more celebratory and builds the group feeling.