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Movement Play creates powerful experiences that fuel learning, development and wellbeing 

Explore Developmental Movement Play

March - November 2024

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A blended learning programme hosted by Inspiring Futures through Learning and Jabadao

Set up and run an indoor Movement Play Area as a focus for children's love of free flow movement play - and harness the huge amount of learning they do whilst moving 

Learn how a Developmental Movement Play approach offers new and effective ways to support children's learning across the curriculum

Deepen your understanding of the sensory and motor aspects of physical development 

Discover five key types of movement play and why children need them as a daily movement diet 

Learn enhanced observation techniques so you can read children's movement better, capture individual needs and support personalised learning 

Connect with fellow practitioners in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere 

What you'll gain from the programme

Explore the critical role movement play has in shaping children's wellbeing and their physical, cognitive, social & emotional learning

26th March: 09.30 - 15.30 

May 22nd: 14:00 - 15.30

  • Live webinar to check-in and share learning 

  • Followed by access to 1 online course

20th November

Modelling and discussion day in a local nursery to support next steps

19th June: 14.00 - 15.30

10th July: 14.00 - 15.30

  • Live webinar with Isabel Parker from IFtL

Project timeline

March 2024 - November 2024

A new way of thinking about movement

A blended learning programme:

  • Face to face training 

  • Live webinar sessions 

  • Online courses 

  • Practical modelling day in a setting

By the end of the training

  • You will have extended your physical development curriculum to include an additional aspect of children's physical play

  • You will be supporting physical development and PSED with more understanding, especially for children with additional needs

  • You will feel increasingly confident in interpreting why particular children move as they do, and how to support next steps 

(use button below to email the programme organiser - Nicole Wood, IFtL)

Course Tutor

Penny Greenland

Penny led a ten-year action research project exploring the way we support children's physicality - and the Developmental Movement Play approach grew from the findings. She has worked extensively in both mainstream and special needs settings and brings over 30 years experience to this area. 

Sign up to be part of the project

Receive a Movement Play Area starter kit to set up your own Area

This is a simple and effective way to focus learning through movement - and extend your physical development provision.

Watch Penny Greenland on Early Years TV to learn more about the Jabadao approach. 

Early Years settings across the UK have indoor Movement Play Areas in place as part of their continuous provision and they often become the busiest area in the environment. Children bring many different kinds of learning here - not just physical.

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