Developmental  Movement Play 

Shaping physical foundations

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We've put together a selection of resources to help you support your children's huge delight in movement play.

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Physical development and wellbeing 

When adults think differently 

children move differently 

The Developmental Movement Play approach 

Developmental Movement Play is a framework for looking in greater detail at how physical development unfolds - so that we can support our children better. In the early years children create the foundations that will shape their body for a life time. How that happens makes such a difference.

We explore how to create a learning culture that supports body and cognitive development equally 

Resource Hub 

Practitioner Research

Observations, action research projects and case studies about physical development.


Our take on the different aspects of physical development in early childhood. Body, sensory, motor and creating spaces for movement play. 

Online courses 

Build your understanding of how physical development works; and how movement play supports many areas of children’s learning, especially sensory, physical, social and emotional. Create an Indoor Movement Play Area to focus and deepen learning - and wellbeing.


The full Developmental Movement Play in four courses. Take individually, or dive into the whole package.

The JABADAO team 

The JABADAO team are a group of movers, thinkers and body workers. They've been working in close collaboration with the early years since 1985 looking for ways to support our youngest children's physicality.