Dementia Care

setting words aside makes

room for a different, easier communication

Focus sharply on the positives, the joyous ways we can dance the day, and let's look for ways to lift spirits together, within the practicalities of the everyday. Not carer and cared-for,  but two people meeting in the moment.

Training Sessions for care homes and communities


Training Sessions for carers, health workers, volunteers & activity organisers

Meeting Beyond Words

Techniques for using movement to create rich one-to-one communication with people who have later stage dementia -  as part of the everyday

Arts projects for care homes & people with dementia 

and here are the beautiful balloons you need
SPAGOG Cup.jpg

The SPAGOG League

On August 9th 2012, amid Olympic fever, the Lord Mayor of Leeds presented the first SPAGOG League cup. Many Leagues have taken place since then - always involving people who are physically frail and people with all stages of dementia. The photo is Newbury 2019.

New games coming soon - with built-in Infection Control.  


Let the IC-SPAGOG Games commence!


Parson's Cross Community Centre

Following local research, this community centre in Sheffield realised there was little support in their area for carers looking after family members at home. They recruited a group of volunteers. We provided the training. 

Funded by  the National Lottery Community Fund, it’s still running many years later. “The group is an hour of fun and laughter using movement as the shared language. Both standing, but mostly seated in chairs, we use lots of beautiful props to enable everyone to join in – in their own unique, full-bodied, wholehearted way. Staff and volunteers are trained to engage with every member no matter how frail or how boisterous and have fantastic relationships with all the people who attend.”

Resources to promote communication and physical play

Bright, easily washable props (up to 90º) to lift spirits and get people moving (however boisterous or frail they are feeling).