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We're a research, development and training organisation exploring physical development across the early years

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Physical development, explained simply

At the core, is a deep respect for the spontaneous, freeflow movement play that children create for themselves.

It is theory based, rich in detail about sensory and motor development and offers a simple five-part framework to guide the development of movement-rich learning environments, indoors as well as outside.

Developmental Movement Play is our approach to supporting physical development.

Create beautiful movement spaces 

Movement Play Areas are designed to support many different kinds of movement, from small and quiet to lively and robust, so children can get just what they need.

It's a place to grow a sense of body and a sense of self, to develop physical control and skill, and to develop social play and sensitive communication starting with their first language - movement.

A focus on wellbeing

The way we feel in, and about, our body hugely affects everything we do. 

Physical development doesn't begin and end with motor control - building a confident and comfortable relationship with our body is every bit as important.  Our curriculums need to reflect that. 

Movement Play is a child's way to get to know how they feel in their body as well as what it can do. Join us to learn more about the way different kinds of movement play support different aspects of wellbeing. 

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Developmental Movement Play Taster Course

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The full approach in 4 online courses

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" We've developed and transformed our approach quite significantly and it's no coincidence that it's alongside the team training we did around Developmental Movement Play." 

Marie Whiting 
Setting Lead

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" I don't think we could make our small, busy nursery work nearly as well if we didn't have the Movement Play Area. I would never be without one."

Nancy Farrow
Head Teacher

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" The training opens everybody's eyes, it certainly inspired practitioners to see things differently; and to see children's learning and behaviour differently. We're able to look at what they're doing and interpret it in a new way now." 

Liz Nunn 
Nursery Manager

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