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Jabadao is a research, development and training organisation, exploring physical development across the early years.

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Physical development theory, explained simply

Developmental Movement Play. It's child-led and play based and puts the 'Infant Expert' at the core. It offers lots of detail which rounds up into a simple framework for planning, observation and assessment using a developmental movement approach

The Approach

Create amazing Movement Play Areas

Movement Play Areas that are designed to support many different kinds of whole-bodied physical experience. Discover how early years settings have seen children thrive when they create this special place for movement play - a place to grow a sense of body and a sense of self, to develop physical control and skill, to develop social play with their peers

Movement Play

Movement play supports sensory, physical, cognitive, social and emotional learning

Developmental Movement Play looks in detail at how children build sensory and motor skills in the first 7 years of their life. Focusing on Sensations rich movement play, and going underneath the milestones to see what skills are needed to achieve them. 

Development Pillars

When adults think differently, 

children move differently 

Here's what people who have done Jabadao training say

Gail MacDonald | Flying Start Advisory Teacher

Ceredigion County Council

" Where do I start? The simple way that all the information is relayed, normal everyday language and humour added into the mix. The stories are brilliant. Some are very emotive and gave me goose bumps whilst listening. "

Marie Whiting | Setting Lead

" We've developed and transformed our approach quite significantly and it's no coincidence that it's alongside the team training we did around Developmental Movement Play "

Nancy Farrow | Head Teacher

Grace Owen Nursery 

"I don't think we could make our small, busy nursery work nearly as well if we didn't have the Movement play Area. I would never be without one.

"The training opens everybody’s eyes - it certainly inspired practitioners to see things differently; and to see children’s learning and behaviour differently. We’re able to look at what they’re doing and interpret it in different ways now … supporting children in all areas of their development and the Early Years Foundation Stage."

Liz Nunn | Nursery Manager 

Dizzies Day Nursery 

Setting up an Indoor Movement Play Area

Valuing children's movement afresh

Halfway and Upright Play

Building confident bodies

Floor Play Foundations

The building blocks of physical development 

The Feeling of Me

Body Awareness and Sensory Processing

Developmental Movement Play Online

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Jabadao Training

Jabadao Resources

Creating movement play spaces 

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