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Developmental Movement Play 

Developmental Movement Play is our approach to supporting physical development.

We love to play

At the core, is a deep respect for the spontaneous, freeflow movement play that children create for themselves.

It is theory based, rich in detail about sensory and motor development and offers a simple five-part framework to guide the development of movement-rich learning environments - indoors as well as outside.

Create indoor movement environments 

Movement Play Areas are designed to support many different kinds of movement - from small and quiet to lively and robust - so children can get just what they need.

We love to move

Discover how children thrive when you create this special place for movement play - a place to grow a sense of body and a sense of self; to develop physical control and skill; and to develop social play and sensitive communication starting with their first language - movement.

Body awareness and sensory processing

Building confident bodies

The building blocks of physical development

Valuing children's movement play afresh

Online Courses

Develop practice

Resource Hub

Thought provoking articles, case studies, videos and practical guides illuminating a developmental movement play approach.

Dive deeper 

We believe that human beings thrive when we can live as fully in our bodies as we do in our heads, and in our increasingly sedentary culture, this takes some thought ... and some new ideas.

We focus on what it takes to develop a confident, skilled, comfortable and expressive body, from the get-go, for a lifetime, and how this supports all learning and wellbeing.

We're a research, development and training organisation, exploring physical development across the early years

Training, development, resources

We offer training online, face to face, and at workshops and conferences.. We have a range of resources to equip your setting with a great movement play spaces.

A child and play led approach  

Our approach is child led putting "The Infant Expert' at the core. And emphasises the way children play themselves into good shape.

For practitioners across the early years

We have options for individual practitioners, single settings and networks. We often work with advisors running projects across a district.

Physical development, explained simply 

We go underneath the milestones to look in detail at how physical development builds from the get-go; and how we can support it in everyday ways.


Movement Play Resources


Soft Play

Movement Play

Lycras and Elastics

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Jabadao Resources

When adults think differently, children move differently

Movement and Wellbeing

We love to feel good in our bodies

In early movement play babies and children build foundations for high levels of wellbeing for a lifetime - great body awareness; a well aligned and strong body; the confidence and adaptability to take on new physical challenges; accurate sensory processing (so they know how they feel and can read and empathise with others); the freedom to be spontaneously expressive, and above all ... they discover how to feel right in their own skin.

Nancy Farrow

" I don't think we could make our small, busy nursery work nearly as well if we didn't have the Movement Play Area. I would never be without one."

Head Teacher

Liz Nunn

" The training opens everybody's eyes, it certainly inspired practitioners to see things differently; and to see children's learning and behaviour differently. We're able to look at what they're doing and interpret it in new way now." 

Nursery Manager

Marie Whiting 

" We've developed and transformed our approach quite significantly and it's no coincidence that it's alongside the team training we did around Developmental Movement Play." 

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