A bit more about us

JABADAO  began back in 1985, looking for a different way for dancers to contribute. Not in studios, or theatres. Not teaching dance technique in unusual places. But taking a way of thinking, (body as our first home, movement as our first language), and applying it to care work, social work, health work and education. Then, and now, we're interested in radical ways forward. In culture change. In embodied living being part of the everyday. And in this beautiful body we live in.

Every body.

The Team

Penny Greenland


Penny is a dancer. She set up JABADAO in 1985 and still steers the team. She also makes community films, (and sometimes performs). 

She teaches across the UK and loves it as much now as ever.

She is author of Hopping Home Backwards: body intelligence and movement play. And created the book What Dancers Do that Other Health Workers Don't.

Our Base

Movement Play workshops at the JABADAO base

In different times we run Movement Play workshops at our base in Brantham, Suffolk. There will be a time when we do this again.

Meanwhile, here are some photos of previous sessions.


We've chosen to highlight physical closeness, physical larking about, ease in the body ... things that might feel a bit distant at the moment. But we will have them again one day.

Beautiful photographs by SebastianXander.com

Training Space

We have a delightful, small training space where we run courses on Developmental Movement Play, Meeting Beyond Words & Read and Talk Body.

None at the moment - but details of courses will appear here when we can run them again.

Costume and Prop Hire

We have a selection of tails, top hats, ballroom dresses, boas, pirate outfits ... plus bubble machines, fans, silk play parachutes, play scarves, and lycra play fabrics that we can hire out. Email first - and ask about our selection.


Then come and visit if we can be useful.

e: info@jabadao.org

Our History 1985 - 2020

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Our Partners


Dizzy's Day Nursery,


Huge thanks to our treasured early years partners, from whom we learn from all the time ...

Grace Owen.png

Grace Owen Nursery School, Education & Childcare, Sheffield

Heathlands Preschool & Out of School Club, Ipswich