The human animal loves to move -

on its own and with others. 

Exuberant, expressive,  full-on.  We are built to embody our lives.


But lots gets in our way … 

Whilst we all need to practice physical distancing measures we are not teaching courses, touring with The Tig, or running events in care homes. We will miss you all greatly - and are happy to talk realistically - and optimistically - about what we might do together in future.
Meanwhile, we will be working on some resources that we will  get to you in other ways. We'll let you know more as they develop.
The shop is very much open - everything made and sent using physically distanced methods. News of new resources for our times coming soon.
All good wishes everyone.
JABADAO is a team of dancers, acrobats and developmental movement  specialists who create everyday ways to make life more embodied. We research the power of physical play to drive potential and wellbeing for people of all ages and all energies.  And then we create ways to change things so there is more of it about.
And life is better.

We live in a body designed for survival in the natural world (running, climbing, out-manoeuvring).


We live in a culture that asks us to stop moving, in favour of a new set of survival techniques (reading, writing, out-thinking.) 


These two realities are diverging fast.


JABADAO asks: how can we do both well?

Currently, we prioritise work with very young children, people with dementia, and young people with profound and multiple disabilities



Seriously Playful Armchair Games for the Old and Gorgeous

laugh-out-loud games to lift the spirits and enliven bodies. For residents and staff in care homes
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DMP on-line

on-line training courses for early years settings


re-thinking the physical development curriculum 

"Enhancing the Physical Development curriculum is not about new activities and games, it is about changing the thinking around what children's bodies need."..

  • DMP is a child-led, play based approach

  • It goes way beyond motor control, meeting children’s intense interest in physical play to explore many aspects of their lives

  • Practitioners learn amazing new things about why children move as they do, and support children differently as a result

  • DMP offers a three-part framework:

    1. The Feeling of Me

    2. Me Moving 

    3. Body Intelligence

  • All on film, the training shows the approach in action in our fabulous Partner Settings

  • Offers a Staff Wellbeing Movement Programme alongside- Take Five- to fit into your busy day.

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Shake Your Tail Feather

meeting beyond words in dementia

dancers and acrobats love to be without words. People with later stage dementia need to be without words.
Perfect match!
                                                                                                   More here

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